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What We Do

Consulting Services - All of our Paediatricians see patients in consultation to their primary care provider. Our services are funded by OHIP, and these services are restricted to consulting only. We are happy to receive a wide variety of referrals, unfortunately we cannot “see and follow” patients as we are sometimes asked.

When we see patients, we send our findings and recommendations to whomever referred the patient and also the primary care provider. If you do not have a primary care provider, we ask that you attempt to find one – Health Care Connect can help.

Medical Learners work at our clinic - Our Paediatricians are all affiliated with Queens University’s Medical School and Paediatric and Family Medicine Residency Programs, meaning our Paediatricians are also teachers of medical learners. We often have senior medical students (completing their clerkship rotation) and residents (Medical Doctors who are doing their training in Family Medicine or in Paediatrics) working in our office. We appreciate when parents and caregivers are willing to have a learner involved in their care, as it is important training for future doctors and allows us to schedule more appointments and reduce our wait times. The Paediatricians work closely with each learner and will always join the appointment to discuss the patient’s care. Our admin may ask if you are willing to have a learner involved when you come to our clinic when they call to arrange your appointment.

School Aged Behavioural Consults - We have a special process for all school aged behavioural consults (such as for ADHD). Our office will contact the parents/caregivers to explain the process, and then mail them three forms to be completed prior to an appointment being booked. Two forms are to be completed by the child's teacher which includes the CADDRA + SNAP-IV 26 Teacher Assessment Form.  The CADDRA SNAP IV 26 is also to be completed by the child's parent/caregiver. All these forms together encompass a collaborative care tool that helps the Paediatrician to better assess the child and utilize the appointment time more efficiently.  There are times when the Paediatricians request other questionnaires be completed by the parent/caregiver, such as to screen for anxiety or issues related to developmental.

Once these forms are completed and sent back to the clinic, the initial consultation
appointment is booked within 3 months. Due to the volume of referrals for ADHD
received, this wait can be between 12-24 months.

We DO NOT provide learning or psychoeducational assessments those are typically
completed by a psychologist (via school or privately).

Other services at our clinic - Sometimes we have other services working with our Paediatricians in our office. Sometimes staff from the Quinte Children’s Treatment Centre, join our Paediatricians for specific appointments.