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As consultants we accept referrals from Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Midwives. Our current referral form is now available online, please download here.

All referrals are reviewed and triaged by one of our paediatricians each day the clinic is open, and that paediatrician decides on how urgently the patient should be seen.

There are times when the Paediatricians decline referrals.  If we receive a consultation to provide primary care services, to be involved with a case outside of our scope of practice, or to follow patients, please expect that we will contact the referral source and decline the request for consultation. If this happens, we will communicate that to the referring practitioner as soon as possible so they can arrange alternate care.

Finally, for emergent concerns, referrals should be directed to the paediatrician on-call by paging through Quinte Health-BGH switchboard.