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Things You Should Know

Parking at the clinic? … bring a toonie!!! Parking at the clinic is not owned by the clinic, and requires a ticket from the machine. The cost is $2/hour and the machine takes $2, $1 and .25 cent coins, so bring a toonie!

Our Paediatricians are consultants...what does that mean? As consultants our Paediatricians must receive referrals from other health care professionals. Unfortunately, they cannot accept walk-in appointments, and can only address the specific reason for the referral, so may not be able to explore other concerns without a separate referral. Using their expertise, the Paediatricians provide assessment, diagnosis, and treatment suggestions to the patients, families, caregivers and referring practitioners. They send their opinions and recommendations to the referral source with intention that the patient can return to be followed by their primary practitioner once the specific issue has been addressed.

We are not allowed to provide Primary Care... The arrangement with OHIP restricts the Paediatricians to only offering Consultant Services. They cannot do routine check-ups, provide vaccines, renew any medication prescriptions which were not ordered by the Paediatricians, or act as your first line of contact with the health care system. They are often asked about these services, but cannot provide them, sorry! The paediatricians are only able to address the specific issue for which the patient was referred. If you need to find a primary care provider, please contact Health Care Connect as soon as possible. To find information about Health Care Connect, click [here].

Prescription renewals...don’t leave it too late!! Our Paediatricians often prescribe medications as part of their treatment recommendations. They will explain this to you in the appointment and provide information to your primary care provider in writing. We may need as much as 7 days to arrange a refill or alter any medications that we prescribe. So, we have a 7-day renewal policy. Please keep this in mind and contact our office (or have your pharmacy contact us for a medication renewal) at least 7 days before you expect to run out!!

The Paediatricians are not in the clinic everyday - Each Paediatrician has specific clinic times, and none of the Paediatricians are in the clinic every day. Sometimes the Paediatricians are working at the hospital and may not be in the clinic for several days. We use a secure electronic messaging system to send messages to the Paediatricians, but they are not always available to answer questions, refill medications etc. Our Paediatricians and our admin team do their best to respond quickly.

When are we open? - The clinic is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and closed on statutory holidays and weekends. 

Our services are covered by OHIP, so bring a valid health card - All patients are required to check in with their healthcard at our reception window, prior to their appointment.