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Quinte Health Care Regional Paediatric Services Consulting Group


Our group of enthusiastic paediatricians provide caring specialist support to the children and families of the Quinte Health Care Region. As a group of consulting specialist physicians, a referral from your midwife, nurse practitioner, family doctor or other physician is required for a specific pediatric issue.

Using our expertise, we provide assessment, diagnosis and management strategies for a wide range of medical issues. We can address both acute and chronic medical problems including but not limited to respiratory concerns (such as asthma), infectious disease concerns, diabetes care, constipation, and failure to thrive. All referrals are triaged by a pediatrician, and therefore we are able to accommodate both urgent and non-urgent referrals for medical appointments. (Note: For Emergent concerns, please contact the pediatrician on call at Quinte Health Belleville General Hospital)

We also book referrals for developmental delay, and behavioural concerns such as ADHD, ODD, and anxiety.

Please note that the QHC Consulting Group does NOT provide primary care health services and will assess with the intent of returning care back to the family doctor once the specific issue has been addressed in order to serve as many children as possible in a timely manner.

For emergent concerns, referrals should be directed to the paediatrician on-call by paging through Quinte Health-BGH switchboard. 


Are you waiting to see us?

We have developed and implemented a process to inform the referral practitioners about our wait times, so if you have questions, you can call them to check on the status of the referral.  If you are the child's parent or caregiver and you feel that their condition has changed or worsened, please get in touch with your primary care provider so that they can let us know and the referral can be reviewed.

Please be aware that the paediatricians cannot accept responsibility for patients they have not assessed. 

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